NFLPA sends players work stoppage ready plan after CBA talks

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NFLPA sends players work stoppage ready plan after CBA talks

Could an NFL lockout be nearing?

The NFL Players A sociation appears to think it's a po sibility, distributingto players Carter Kieboom Jersey an ominous "work stoppage ready" plan that urgies them to be prepared for "lo s of income, lo s of health insurance, increased training costs and lo s ofcamaraderie and structure."

The Adam Eaton Jersey worksheet suggested playersset aside half of each paycheck and get on their parents' insuranceif po sible, addingthat embarking on new busine s ventures wasn't advised as players should instead focus on eliminatingall non-mortgage debt by the end of 2020.

NFLPA has sent out a Work Stoppage Worksheet, asking NFL players to set aside half of each paycheck with Tanner Rainey Jersey a work stoppage on the horizon. Also suggests not starting new biz ventures cutting all non-mortgage debt by end of 2020 season.

Darren Heitner (@DarrenHeitner)

Representatives for Blank Jersey the NFL and NFLPA met last weekin Chicagoto discu s a new collective bargaining agreement, thoughthese sion initially slatedto take place for three days ended after just one. However,the two sides arescheduled toreconvene July 29.

Despite the brevity, the NFL and NFLPAreleased a joint statement summarizing the meeting that took place as a"productive" one.

"Today's meeting was productive, constructive and beneficial for both sides, and the meetings Javy Guerra Jersey between the NFLPA's Executive Committee and the NFL's Management Council Executive Committee will continue," the read.

NFL commi sioner Roger Goodell confirmed earlier this month thatthe league would like to have a new CBA in place before the start of the 2019 regular Anibal Sanchez Jersey season, which kicksoff Sept.5 when the Bears host the Packers.

The current CBA is set to expireafter the 2020 season.

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